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Clinics & Practitioners

Wellness Acupuncture London a community based clinic in South London offering low cost, affordable acupuncture treatments, giving access to quality care for those who can't afford regular prices. The low price allows for more frequent treatments as it is often necessary to have acupuncture once or twice a week for a period of time in order to get the best long lasting. Located at St John's Centre in Elephant & Castle, London SE17. Contact telephone number 07591 942139.

Acupuncture Torbay the website and practice of Kim Maidment, highly recommended acupuncturist in Torbay


Blossom Tree Childrens' Clinic offers paediatric acupuncture. Charlotte Johnson and Mim Lilley are experienced acupuncturists with Post-Graduate qualifications in Paediatrics providing this invaluable low cost service for babies, children and teenagers.

Professional Bodies

Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine the professional body for Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture in the UK. The RCHM provides information to members of the public seeking a properly qualified practitioner who is bound by Codes of Ethics and Good Practice and who has full professional insurance. It assists in setting the criteria for the practice and teaching of Chinese Herbal Medicine within the UK and works with the governments of Britain and Europe towards the regulation of practitioners and the control of the quality of herbs sold in the UK.

European Herbal and Traditional Practitioners's Association the EHTPA is an umbrella body which represents professional associations of herbal/traditional medicine practitioners offering variously western herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, Ayurveda and traditional Tibetan medicine. The EHTPA is dedicated to the development of herbal/traditional medicine, preserving and enhancing the legal basis of practice across EU Members States and promoting best practice throughout the traditions.

Educational Institutions

City College of Acupuncture
hosts a professional in-depth, three-year degree-level course accredited by by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board (BAAB); the gold standard of the profession. The course provides a solid basis of professional knowledge, attitudes, values and skills, giving you a degree-level education without the academic constraints (or costs) of a degree. You get hands-on experience from the moment you arrive, culminating in the 400 hours spent in the clinical setting. The business element of the course will prepare you to work privately or in the NHS and, to establish your own multi-bed practice if that appeals to you.

The college also hosts an excellent Tui Na (massage) course, which incorporates Qigong.

The City College of Acupuncture clinic offers a flexible multi-bay environment. This means that our teaching staff can easily supervise you whilst you develop your skills as an Acupuncturist or Tui Na therapist.


Tajiquan & Qigong

Zhong Ding Association is a worldwide organisation that was established in 1987 by its Chief Instructor, Nigel Sutton. The organisation encompasses all traditional Chinese martial arts, but predominantly Cheng Man-Ch'ing style Tai Chi (taiji). In addition to the regional classes the organisation host a number of events throughout the year which include residential training camps and the annual Master Liang He Qing Championship.The Zhong Ding International Training Centre is based in Malaysia and offer you a unique opportunity to experience the Martial Arts of China, Malaysia and the Philippines in one place.

Living Movement the tai chi school run by Angus Clark embodies a “move for your life” philosophy that acknowledges the fundamental transformational potential of movement for humans. Living Movement uses tai chi and qigong as valuable, low-impact health tools to help support anyone who wishes to take good care of themselves, others and their environment. Living Movement is tai chi and qigong, movement and mindfulness in action, based around the 5 key principles of Living Movement.

Useful Resources

Healthyhubb is a useful first stop. It covers a broad range of health-related issues in a very accessible way. There is no Home Page to this site; the most effective way to access it is via the 'search the site' facility.


AMFM provides a valuable resource covering all aspects of Anxiety including different types of anxiety, treatments and, medications. The information is comprehensive, clearly laid out, and easy to understand. The explanations of the different types of medication is particulalry thorough and  useful.

UK Medical Malpractice this is a page on a US site, which provides valuable information about how to make malpractice claims against the NHS; informative and well researched. Overall the site is worth a look as it has a wealth of useful information about about; Birth Injury, Spinal Injury and Cancer Misdiagnosis

uk-rehab. For advice, support and information about all forms of addiction, this is the site to go to. Most of the sites I have linked to, although immensely valuable and informative, do not operate in the UK. This site has a National Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Directory, which contains over 700 addiction treatment services; links providing information about rehab centres, intervention, treatment protocols and detoxification. For anyone who is concerned about their own needs or the needs of a close friend/loved one, this is the place to go. When you enter the site there is an immediate ‘chat now’ facility, and scrolling to the bottom of the Home Page, you can provide contact details and submit an inquiry. provides a nationwide network consisting of over 5,000 providers, covering additction, mental health as well as phsical therapy The Help Company that connects patients and providers across the United States. A comprehensive and valuable resource.


Business Cost Saver is a comprehensive, well researched list of resources aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at people leaving the armed forces. When a member of the British military retires from active service and returns to civilian life, the adjustments required can be significant. Unmarried soldiers with no children may have no dependents, but if they have been serving overseas the idea of finding a new home via a private let can be somewhat daunting.

Equally, many of the men and women of our armed forces may have been living in Service Family Accommodation and now find themselves seeking a roof over their heads for themselves and their families. This guide will offer advice that can make the transition from serviceperson to civilian as smooth as possible.

This invaluable resource provides information and advice about employment, housing, re-training, scholarships, and help for older veterans, as well as links to Substance Abuse and mental health resources. provides a comprehensive free resource for the public to learn more about defective drugs and medical devices that can potentially cause harm and even death. They are dedicated to keeping the public informed about consumer dangers and safety issues associated with numerous products that can cause the public serious harm. This website is continuously updated with breaking news from Government agencies, Watchdog Groups, and concerned citizens regarding product recalls and drug medication safety. in tandem with, provides valuable information about health and safety issues around consumer products. This is a US based website, but much of the information it provides is relevant to the UK.

Consumer Safety Guide is US based site which offers a wide range of advice on drugs and medical devices, as well as a range of other consumer related topics. As well as offering detailed information about the various types of drugs, there is a useful 'do I have a case' link.

Ocean Breeze Recovery provides a resource focussed around pregnancy and addiction. While mother and child don’t share blood, the placenta provides a connection between the two, allowing for the exchange of nutrients, wastes, and gasses. The placental wall acts as a barrier, albeit an extremely porous one. Substances consumed by the mother permeate the placental wall and enter the foetus’ circulation, providing nutrients from food the mother eats, liquids she consumes, and air she breath Shared substances are not however restricted to what is necessary for the fetus’ growth and survival. Alcohol and drugs – both prescription and illicit – are also able to permeate the placenta, often causing congenital disabilities, behavioural changes, and even death. This site includes details around tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, and opioids as well as treatment. is a valuable and well-resourced website dedicated to monitoring adverse effects of drugs and medical devices. Whilst this is an American site, pharmaceutical companies are multinational, and what applies in the US applies equally to the UK and Europe.
Nearly all medications, from the mildest over the counter painkillers, to restricted prescription medications treating serious conditions, have the potential to cause side effects. In an ideal world a medicine would only target the disease or symptom it treats, but in reality most drugs are not that specific. It is expected that most drugs will cause most people some side effects. Doctors and patients have to weigh the risks and severity of those side effects against the benefits of using the drug.
Drug makers have a responsibility to report all side effects and risks of medical devices and medications. This doesn’t always happen, though. Some companies have been found to actively hide unfavourable results. Whether drug companies knowingly or unknowingly send a dangerous drug out to the market, there are many examples of drugs and devices that can harm patients.

Drugwatch is an invaluable resource where consumer safety comes first. Their mission is to keep all online readers informed, healthy and safe when it comes to health concerns. They provide free interactive health tools, podcast, educational guides and one on one's with medical experts. Know what health concerns can affect students, children, seniors, expecting mothers, and men. Learn about the side effects, interactions and recalls that could be affecting you and your loved ones on this site. Topics like medication safety, antibiotics, and common conditions can be found on Drugwatch.​

Drug Dangers ​is another valuable resource. Medications and implant surgeries, such as hip or knee replacement, can change and even save lives. However, pharmaceutical companies often cut corners where accuracy matters most – consumer safety. Insufficient lab testing and deceptive marketing tactics have cost thousands of patients their lives. Prescription medications have caused users to suffer detrimental side effects and implant surgeries have left victims in great pain. Pharmaceutical companies earn billions of dollars every year from these products at the expense of their users. Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars each year from prescription drugs. While prescription drugs can cure medical conditions and save lives, they can also cause harm. Defective drugs are known to cause severe adverse effects and death.

Vape Danger is an excellent site, which covers a whole area of substance use which does not have adequate exposure in the media. Vaping has become very popular as a substitute for the dangers of conventional smoking, but little is said about its potentially detrimental effects on health. In particular it mentions the harmful effects of diacetyl, a chemical use commonly used to give flavour to vape liquids. Importantly, it also provides a link to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which provides supportive evidence about the dangers of vaping.

Recovery Village is another resource proving a wealth of valuable information and support concerning prescription medication dependency. Often, people do not understand how or why some people become addicted to drugs. They mistakenly assume that individuals who abuse drugs lack the willpower or moral principles, and that they can quit drug abuse cold turkey by simply deciding to stop taking them. However, addiction is a serious, chronic disease of the brain and withdrawal takes more than willpower and social principles. Prescription drug addiction is a term used to refer to any of a variety of disorders characterized by dependence on prescription pharmaceutical drugs. It is best described as compulsive, out of control prescription drug use, despite their negative effects on one’s health, employment or social life. In most cases, the first decision to abuse prescriptions drugs, such as morphine and codeine, is often voluntary; in pursuit of the “high’ (euphoria feeling) that some prescription drugs give. However, once addiction sets in, prescription drug use becomes compulsive, and hard to control. Drug and substance abuse alter one’s mind in a way that makes it extremely challenging to quit, even if one can see the damage the drugs are causing him or her and really wants to stop. Drug addiction and abuse can cause serious long-term consequences for the dependent person.

Addiction Group is an addiction resource, primarily, but not exclusive, for all types of communities in the United States. While anyone can develop a substance use disorder (SUD), there are specific communities that are more susceptible than others. Certain cases require specialized care and treatment. All Addiction Group content is medically reviewed, or fact checked to ensure as much factual accuracy as possible. This site has strict sourcing guidelines and only links to reputable media sites, academic research institutions and, whenever possible, medically peer reviewed studies.

Addiction Resource is an organisation based in the USA, providing a wealth of information on addiction. It is informative, and non-judgemental, covering important areas such as how to recognise addiction, different forms of substance abuse and how to help sufferers. For people based int he USA it also provides a valuable information about rehabilitation resources; where to go to get help.

Addiction Center is another US based resource. For those of us based in the UK we need to use the menu bar at the top of the Home Page; this provides a comprehensive range of advice and information about all forms of dependence and addiction; highly recommended.

Drug Rehab Connections is a US based resource. It is not a specific treatment facility, but instead are an informational website that connects addicts and their families with the help they need to put their lives together, focussing around the process of rehabilitation. Well worth a visit.

Rehabspot is also a US based resource, providing comprehensive support and advice on all addiction. This site covers the subject in depth. There is information about a wide range of medications supplied by the medical profession as well as illegal substances. It also offers support in areas such as detoxing and treatment regimes, as well as support for family members. For sufferers based in the USA this site provides a network of clinical support


Drug Rehab USA is another invaluable resource provides a valuable directory of drug/substance abuse rehab centres throughout the USA. As well as providing for a wide range of issues related to substance dependency, it has a useful search facility, where visitors to the site can begin exploring resources; what kind of help they need and where it can be accessed

Addiction Group is an addiction resource, primarily, but not exclusive, for all types of communities in the United States. While anyone can develop a substance use disorder (SUD), there are specific communities that are more susceptible than others. Certain cases require specialized care and treatment. All Addiction Group content is medically reviewed, or fact checked to ensure as much factual accuracy as possible. This site has strict sourcing guidelines and only links to reputable media sites, academic research institutions and, whenever possible, medically peer reviewed studies.

Alcohol Rehab Help is an informational web guide founded in 2020, created to help those struggling with alcohol use disorders (AUD), substance use disorders (SUD), and/or co-occurring mental health disorders. Their mission is to help individuals understand their addictions and find the best treatment option based on their unique situation and individual needs.

All content is written by their team of journalists, researchers, doctors, and medical professionals and is fact-based and original. It is sourced from current scientific research, such as scholarly articles, textbooks, government agencies, and medical journals. Lastly, every article is fact-checked by an addiction counselling expert before publication.

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms provides a wealth of valuable information about Cerebral palsy (CP). CP is one of a group of permanent movement disorders caused by the brain’s inability to control the muscles. It is the most common type of physical disability in childhood and affects just over 2 children in 1,000 live births.

Cerebral Palsy is a comprehensive informational website on cerebral palsy, providing quality information about all forms of cerebral palsy and assistance to families in need. From information on cerebral palsy symptoms to financial assistance to daily living articles, this site covers all aspects of cerebral palsy. And all the information is thoroughly researched and cited. This website is a credit to the people who set it up and maintain it.

The Cerebral Palsy Group provide an interesting and informative page on the use of acupuncture in the treatment of children suffering with CP. This includes research as well as a detailed explanation of the procedure. Aside from this, their home page is another valuable resource about all aspects of CP.


KnowYourDNA If you want to know more about your DNA, this is the website to visit. DNA testing can provide information about your heritage, as well as diseases that may run through your family, and potential for addictions.

This is a website which directs you to every aspect and resource you would need if you wish to undergo a genetic test. It provides links to a number of sites which provide home DNA testing kits, as well as discussing the pros and cons of DNA testing.

Birth Injury Justice Center is a resource specifically based in the USA. This provides support for parents of those children born with Cerebral Palsy, Erb's Palsy and other birth injuries. Your first contact is a nurse case manager who is able to help you understand the nature of your child's birth injury and advise you on your rights, and available treatments


SoCal Sunrise Mental Health is a comprehensive and valuable source of information around the subject of childhood and adolescent trauma. Well researched, well articulated and informative, covering types of trauma such as violence in the home, domestic instability, emotional abuse, bereavement and neglect. It explains what PTSD is; how to recognise it and how to manage it. What is particulalry useful is the breakdown of signs according to age group/stage of development.

Sesame Street Autism Resources for Parents Statistics from the United States tell us that 1 in 68 children is diagnosed as being within the autism spectrum (ASD). Almost every school and university have students with autism. While the diagnosis is common, public understanding of autism is not. The lack of understanding about the condition can make life even more difficult for children with autism. A recent study reveals that they are five times more likely to be bullied than their peers—treatment no child should endure. While it’s true there can be significant differences between people with autism and their peers, everyone wants the same things: to feel safe, happy, and loved; and we all have something to contribute—unique perspectives and talents that help make the world a richer and more interesting place. This website provides a wealth of resources to help us understand autism.

Mesotheliomaguide is a valuable resource which provides information and treatment of this rare and aggressive cancer that develops on the protective lining around the lungs, abdomen, and heart. It is caused by exposure to asbestos and can take between 20 and 50 years to develop. Based in the USA, this organisation details causes, symptoms, treatment and prognosis as well as a wealth of background information. is also well worth a visit. While it is a US based site which is dedicated to legal aspects of cancer (seeking compensation), it has a very comprehensive explanation of the nature of the disease. It also provides valuable information about asbestos related diseases in general. A useful feature is the ‘Live Chat’, 24/7 Real time Assistance provision., again is a US based website that provides two invaluable links to the treatment of asbestos related cancers, in particular lung cancer with complementary medicine; provies information aobut complementary treatments to alleviate the side effects of orthodox treatements and, provides the results of research in China in the treatemtn of cancer using Chinese herbal Medicine provides a valuable source of information around the topic of Complementary medicine and the role it can play in supporting cancer treatment. The areas it covers are; Supplements and Herbs, Mind-Body Therapies, such as yoga, meditation and taichi; Body Therapies, acupuncture; Emotional Therapies, including counselling, psychotherapy, art, music and animal therapy; Homeopathy; Energy Therapies, such as reiki and, sound therapy; Holistic Medicine; naturopathy and, osteopathy: Nutrition and Exercise. The site also includes an 24/7 Online Chat Service.

Lung Cancer Center. This is a website which focuses on lung cancer in the USA, but none the less provides a comprehensive, informative and helpful overview of causes, risk factors involved, treatment and specifically for American viewers, the legal aspects.

Each year, over 200,000 new people are diagnosed with lung cancer in the United States making up about 25 percent of all cancer deaths; this disease is by far the most common cause of cancer-related death. Over time, research has revealed certain occupations and industries carry a greater risk of the disease than the general population (such as construction workers or military servicemembers).

Statistically, both cigarette smokers and non-smokers have a one in 15 risk for developing lung cancer in men and one in 17 chance in women. Typically, researchers attribute the slight increase in odds for men to larger proportions being employed in at-risk industries. While the majority of patients with this disease are diagnosed later in life – the average age of diagnosis is 70 years old – the development of cancer often begins decades earlier. Generally, lifestyle habits like smoking and exposure to pollutants like asbestos and radon are considered prime risk factors in who lung cancer affects the most.

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