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Acupuncture needle being inserted using a guide tube. The right hand is holding the tube with the needle in it and the left hand is tapping the top of the needle. The needle is being inserted int a patient’s back.


£50, for one hour; under 16 £40.00

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation

First appointment (consultation), for one hour; £40.00

Under 16 £30.00

Follow up consultations (30 mins); £25.00


Medicines from the Onsite Dispensary are between £4.00 and £6.00 per bag, with each bag providing medicine for two days; hence a prescription may typically be 3 bags for one week or 7 bags for two weeks.

Medicines can be provided in granule/powder form via a third party supplier; whilst these are more convenient they will be slightly more expensive due to postage costs

Please Note that appointment fees are chargeable in full at my discretion if cancellations are made less than 48 hours prior to the appointment, or if you fail to arrive for your appointment.

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